For many years Michael Jackson's life was inflicted by media and press rumours, from Michael Jackson's gay, Michael Jackson sleeps in an oxygen chamber, Michael Jackson bleaches his skin because he wants to be white, to even Michael Jackson is an alien!!! Well here are some of the facts regarding some of the rumours. Michael Jackson slept inside an oxygen chamber because he believed it could make him live longer! FALSE TRUTH: While the photo IS real, this was a piece of medical equipment inside the Brotman Medical Center’s Michael Jackson Burn Unit, where he was treated for severe scalp burns in 1984. Jackson donated vast sums of money to the Burn Center, making the purchase of this piece of equipment possible. The photo was taken when he crawled inside, being a perpetual joker, and pretended to be asleep.


Michael Jackson bleached his skin because he wanted to be white! FALSE TRUTH: Michael Jackson had a disease called Vitiligo for the majority of his life, beginning in the late 70’s to early 80’s. Vitiligo causes the victim to lose the pigment in their skin, and is more visible on those with darker skin tones. The effect is one that is likened to a smattering of paint - the pigment randomly disappears in spots on the patient’s skin, leaving them with a translucently that is far lighter than a person with naturally fair tones. By the late 80’s Michael Jackson had lost the majority of his dark pigments, but because of the nature of his job - being visible in advertising, packaging and on the screen/stage - he couldn’t successfully cover the lighter patches with dark make up, instead electing to use lighter tones and thus causing his overall appearance to appear “white”. This also contributed to what many believe was a sudden switch from “black” to “white”; he simply changed tact to cover up the mismatched tones. Vitiligo is a disease that a person cannot control. Skin pigment may randomly regenerate in certain parts of the body, but it will never return to it’s original tone or color. There is no way of stopping it, no cure and no way of bringing back pigment.


Michael Jackson shows the extent of his drug abuse, showing for the first time the extent of the injury to his legs caused by needles! FALSE TRUTH: While sleeping at his home Neverland, Michael was bitten by a spider, the spider was reported to be most likely a poisonous Brown Recluse spider. Michael gave an interview to Globe magazine explaining what had happened, but as usual certain tabloids added their own made up stories to the picture, stating that they were infact caused by drug injecting needles and infection had set in.


"Remember, the press is a business: Newspapers and magazines are in business to make money - sometimes at the expense of accuracy, fairness and even the truth." - Michael Jackson

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