Jonah Bryson



We recently had the honor to interview an incredibly talented young man, by the name of Jonah Bryson. Jonah is a 16-year-old award-winning film director and musician, with a passion for entertainment to make the world a better place. Here's what this incredible young man had to say...

Jonah Bryson, a 16-year-old director and musician, is incredibly concerned about the planet that our children will have to live on. However, like Michael Jackson, he believes that the best way to 'heal the world', is to use entertainment to send out the message of change. He was born in the south of France, and visited the mediterranean as a child. "That really made me fall in love with nature" said Jonah in a recent TV interview. He claims that being able to see with fish and pick up hermit crabs was enough to connect him to our planets environment. Jonah Bryson - TV Interview When Bryson was asked about his favorite entertainer, his response was Michael Jackson. "Michael was an incredible artist", he answered. "[He] ran his shows, was behind every aspect of his productions, and always pushed the limit. But most of all, he understood the power that music can have and so he used it as a tool to change the world. He was able to send out such a powerful message to many millions and even billions of people using music.... He was a genius in every way." Also a scuba diver, Jonah said "The thought of not doing my best to protect the incredible species around the world from extinction, and the thought of losing our beautiful ecosystems, like Coral Reefs. It bugs me every day, and it is what empowers me to do what I'm doing. Jonah Bryson - Ocean Explorer In 2014, Jonah was contacted by Rob Stewart, the internationally acclaimed director of the film Sharkwater. Stewart asked Bryson if he'd like to team up with him and co-direct a film called The Fight For Bala. "Working with Rob Stewart was a huge honor," said Jonah. "I loved his work as a kid, he was my favorite documentary filmmaker. The idea of being the first person to ever direct a film with him is incredible. It's a dream come true. He's such a great guy and I'm truly thrilled to work with him." Jonah and Rob released the movie with The Huffington Post, with support from The Globe And Mail, and National Geographic. The film was also screened last week at the Water Docs International Film Festival. Jonah Bryson - "The Fight For Bala" Red Carpet In a statement on the Huffington Post, Stewart said: "After a few days of filming, I contacted Jonah Bryson, an ambitious 15-year-old film director who had gotten in touch with me in 2013. I asked him to come and shoot with us, and upon seeing his passion, eventually to co-direct the film with me. It's the youth's future that's at stake after all." Jonah also spoke at the Famed Hot Docs Cinema a few weeks ago, talking about his story-hoping to inspire people to get involved and fight for his generation's future, and our children's future. Jonah Bryson at Hot Docs Cinema


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