They forsake the notion that theirs is a lost cause. They refused to throw in the towel and resign themselves to the path of least resistance, which so often involves renouncing their fan support of Michael. When the going got tough, with weary minds and heavy hearts, they pressed on. They pressed on through Michael’s tribulations and the attacks to which he was subjected to. They pressed on in spite of tire. They pressed on despite mockery, and question as to why they bothered and still do fight at all for Michael Jackson, a man some deem undeserving of their adoration.


Hazrat Inayat Khan once said, “God breaks the heart again and again until it stays open.” Michael’s devotees saw him as living proof of this idea, as he seemed to be the embodiment of the notion. His own heart was broken much, and his fans personally felt the sting of each break. By the grace of God, Michael’s heart did not become hardened as a result of its frequent fractures. To the contrary, his shattered heart allowed for its tenderness and openness. Since out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, Michael’s fans were able to truly see the fullness of his heart when they listened to him articulate his desire for acceptance, understanding, positivity, love and peace through song and speech.

As their efforts to break Jackson had continually proven unsuccessful, some Michael Jackson opponents turned their focus to attempting to disband the fan community by attacking his defenders. Time after time, the press uses condescending, defamatory terms to describe Michael’s fans. Being referred to as “delusional” and “*****” is not foreign to Jackson’s supporters. However, Michael’s devotees choose to ignore the juvenile name-calling and taglines bestowed on them by the media. The fans refused to allow the press to project its negative, inaccurate perception onto them. This is because Michael Jackson fans realize that such inflammatory terms do not depict their true nature as intelligent, grounded individuals with a healthy admiration for Michael’s music, vision and humanitarianism among other things.


Interestingly enough, Michael Jackson’s influence was and still is global and thus, so is his fan base. His detractors are under the false impression that his fan base is minuscule as well as one-dimensional. To the contrary, Michael Jackson enthusiasts are nothing if not vast and multi-dimensional. They can be found on every continent, in every country worldwide. Michael’s fans transcend racial, age and socioeconomic boundaries. The fact that Michael’s fans are so diverse adds to their beauty. Few entertainers, if any, can lay claim to having the type of dynamic and varied fan base of which Michael Jackson can boast.

If it is true that our lives are open books for others to read, then the fans’ study of Michael Jackson has taught them more than they ever could have imagined about life, love and survival. Michael Jackson was a living testament of the notion that whatever one dreams and desires for his or her life can be achieved. Michael lived by the mantra that love should have no limitations – no conditions. Michael has shown all who dare take notice, that it is possible to not only stay alive, but to thrive, with grace and fortitude despite adversity. By merely existing, Michael Jackson has taught his fans what it is to dream without fear, to create without boundaries, to listen without prejudice and to love without judgment. Simply, Michael Jackson’s fans are a hard act to outshine.

Their loyalty, enthusiasm, intelligence and genuine adoration of their musical idol is unparalleled by other artists’ fan communities. However, for all their attributes, when it comes to one particular matter, Michael Jackson’s admiring fans, will always be bested. For try as they might, no matter to what infinite degree they say and believe they love Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, in true regal fashion, will always say and prove he loved them more …


~Written by “Fantam” in 2006; edited by administrator: michaeljackson-7.com

Please read more........

As any loyal Michael Jackson fan will know, the media really had it in for Michael, they made his life a living nightmare when they chose to. Michael couldn't step outside of his front door without being pounced on by paparazzi, most of the media didn't see him as a talented superstar and a kind and loving individual. They saw MONEY!!!

They didn't care how much they hurt him and even now they're STILL trying to blacken his name and innocence. The media, or "Blood Sucking Vultures" as we here like to call them will not stop, where there's fame and a good story there's CA$H.
So, how long will it be before they really turn their attentions on Michael's children???


Given the medias past record, it surely will not be too long before their lust for more Jackson blood and money really turns their hunger towards Michael's children!
Michael did his best to protect his children, he wasn't hiding them away from his public and adoring fans, he was shielding them from the horrors of the MEDIA. Michael's family are doing their upmost to continue to shield his children from the evils of this world and WE (Michael's loyal fans) can help too.

Michael can no longer defend himself or the children he loved so much, this is why we have chosen to create our own MICHAEL JACKSON'S SOLDIERS OF LOVE global group.

The purpose of this group is so that ALL Michael's fans and suporters can unite together to defend his name and his children against attacks from the media and other wrong doers in this world. To stand as one against the people who will still try to dish up dirt about Michael and to defend and protect his children when the need arrises.

We are sure that this is what Michael would have wanted, for his fans to continue to be there for him and more importantly now, his children.

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