1973, young Michael Jackson visits the bedside of 6-year old Leslie Robinette - suffering from aplastic anemia caused by the genetic disease fanconi anemia – at the Seattle Children’s Hospital - then The Children's Orthopedic Hospital and Medical Center. Robinette received a bone marrow transplant, and was one of the youngest to ever have the procedure. She went through chemotherapy, radiation, an ever-changing plethora of medications and was kept in isolation for three months; her state of health was precarious, the doctors saying, after she was dismissed from the hospital, that she might live 10 years. “I was sitting in my room looking out the window, ironically listening to 'Looking Through the Window' by the Jackson 5, when I heard all the nurses going wild and carrying on”, Robinette declares 26 years later. Coincidentally, the Jackson 5 were there.“They asked me which one I wanted to see, and I said I wanted to see Michael - he was the cute one”, she says, laughing. She describes teenage Jackson as shy, but kind and sincere, signing an autographer for her, holding her hand and asking about her state. “I would never say that he saved her life - that's crazy - but he gave her back a little of her will to live because she had lost it”, Trine Robinette, Leslie’s sister adds. Leslie eventually did improve, and her family returned to their farm in Greeneville, Tenn., where she still lives with her parents. 11 years later, Leslie met Jackson again, while he was on tour in Knoxville with his brothers, where she received free tickets, then went backstage to meet the Jackson clan.


 "I asked him if he remembered me, and he said yes. We talked about my singing in chorus and how I was getting my back brace off soon”, Robinette says. Jackson then told his security detail that she was his guest, so she got to watch the third show from a raised VIP platform, seated right next to Jackson's mother, Katherine. Still struggling with her disease, she is less than 4 feet tall and weighs about 60 pounds, but she is now 42 and is involved in North American Riding for the Handicapped Association and currently is training to become an instructor. "I've always felt that Michael and I were kind of kindred spirits, because we both grew up not being able to really go anywhere or do anything normal kids do”, Robinette says, adding that she hopes people will remember Michael Jackson for his good deeds and music.


On January 27, 1984, Michael Jackson suffers burns on the back of his head while filming the said commercial with his brothers for the Pepsi Corporation.
The magnesium smoke bombs used for the commercial are to blame, being only two feet away from either side of the singer’s head. A spark from one of the bombs set his hair alight and resulted in second and third degree burns his scalp.
 As a result of the unfortunate incident and news coverage, both Pepsi and Jackson’s sales soar.
Two subsequent Pepsi commercials are debuted at the Grammy awards ceremony in 1984. Jackson does not sue Pepsi, instead donates the entire earnings in damages from the sponsor - 1,5, million dollars – to a center named after the singer, “The Michael Jackson Burn Center For Children”.

On December 13, 1984, he visits the unit for burn victims at "Brotman Memorial Hospital" in Los Angeles, him having been admitted there previously for head injuries, derived from the stage pyrotechnics incident during filming the commercial forPepsi along with his brothers.
Among the victims, he meets 23-year old mechanic, Keith Perry, burned over 90 percent of his body in a car crash.
The surgeons declare that Jackson’s visit at Perry’s bedside was the main reason he had pulled through: "Michael encouraged him, talking to him for hours", says Los Angeles hospital spokesman, Judy Davis.


I don't tell this story too often, in fact growing up I kinda learned to just keep it to myself.
Whenever people would find out I knew him, a gang of silly, dumb questions would follow, and I would always end up having to defend someone I loved so much.

When I was 5, my cousin Brian and I where OBSESSED with Micheal Jackson. We had dolls, sleeping bags, lunch boxes, and OF COURSE the gloves. I was pretty convinced I was going to be him when I grew up, and nobody could tell me otherwise! Brian was older then me, and found out at school MJ actually lived in the Valley, we lived in.
Anyone from LA pretty much knew the house. So we wrote him letters and enclosed a bunch of pics, you remember the ones from school you'd write on the bk, yeah well, lucky Michael got about 25 of me!! Basically we told him we LOVED him & I told him I was a singer and dancer!!! We also asked him to come to our house & visit!! Our loca tia Carol (RIP) took us to his house and we rang the gaurd gate. His guard came out to us & took our letters. WE WERE SOOOOOOO HAPPY, we KNEW he would get em!! I honestly can say we were just happy enough to see his gate & meet his gaurd NEVER did we really expect what happened next.

About 4 days later, at 10:30 pm, my mom got the call from Carol, Michael Jackson was HERE, in our APT building, on her couch. I was 5 & anybody who knows a 5 year old also knows that it's damn near impossible to wake em up!! The pic you see of us is him holding me, cause I wouldn't wake up, he insisted my parents take the pic so I would truly know he came!! A few days later I was going into the hospital for surgery & he called me. I couldn't BELIEVE I was talking to Micheal Jackson & that he actually had my number!! Over the next few years he would invite Brian & I to his house, to watch him shot his videos & to his shows.

It's weird, when I was lil, I didn't really grasp FAME, especially his FAME. All I knew was he was my friend & I think that's why he liked me. My friendship with him changed my life. It was a HUGE influence, it made me believe having a singer career was in arms reach. My neighborhood didn't support BIG DREAMS but his freindship gave me confidence & assurance that ANYTHING & EVERYTHING is possible, if you work hard & aren't scared to try. His generosity & kindness inspires me daily. Here was the biggest super star in the world taking time out to come to a broken down apt building in Van Nuys CA to see his fans. He was ALWAYS about his fans & his community, and I really always knew that if I got my chance I would strive to be just like that!!


Even as a tiny lil girl I could see his saddness & his lonely. It was a part of him, I think his childhood, fame & money alienated him from most of the world. Thats why he loved US cause we didnt care about the BS!! We just had fun!! He was so goofy & silly, we would jump on his trampoline and raid his candy shop.
Michael was like Edward Scissorhands & Willy Wonka to me, SOOOOO AMAZING in the HEART but so misunderstood by most! I love him always for touching my life & showing me a different world then the one I grew up in.

I hope those babies of his really grow up understanding that they did have the best daddy in the world. His heart & sprirt are what made him the GREATEST and so RARE.


(In 1987, Michael Jackson meets 4-year old wounded Angela Darlington and her mother, Helen, in Melbourne Children’s Hospital.

The mother has this to say on the visit 21 years later:

“My daughter, Angela, was in hospital with head injuries after being hit by a car. One day we were told by the nurses that Michael Jackson was coming to visit. We had to keep it a secret, so the hospital wasn’t overwhelmed with fans. There was a big flurry, as his assistants handed out T-shirts and signed copies of his Bad album to everyone on the ward. Then he just walked around and talked to the patients. […] I said hello. He said he was pleased to meet me. I was gobsmacked. He was very gentle and seemed shy. I got the sense he had a deep love for children, especially those who’d been hurt. Then he crouched down and said ‘Hello, Angela’. She couldn’t talk, because she’d just come out of a coma, but she started smiling. After that day, she started to get better. I think of him as an inspiration. We’d been having a terrible time – Angela was in hospital and I’d been ringing Lifeline to keep myself together, but he was a total inspiration for the whole ward. I thought: ‘Thank God for sending him’. He just had a presence about him – this great empathy with people who needed to get better.

 Now, Angela is 25, at university and full of life. There was another boy on the ward who was about 15 and was a huge fan. After Michael’s visit, he started getting better too. His mom thought it was a miracle. I believe many of the children got better after meeting him. I think people should know about this side of Michael. I’ve never believed he was anything but a good person.”)


Another beautiful storey of Michael's kindness.

Rabbi Shmuley's Daughters:

And then there was the incident with my children fighting with the children of another family on the school bus. Michael heard about it. My eldest daughter felt bullied. Michael sprang into action. Enter the peacemaker. He called me, and over several days he planned a peace parley in earnest. Everything down to the name tags of the children. No detail was too miniscule. Kids should not fight. Adults were the corrupt ones. He wanted to see harmony among kids. And while he put hours into planning the summit (which never went ahead because the other family pulled out) he was supposed to be working on his album, Invincible. No matter. It would wait. Ending altercations between school children took precedence.


The story of Michael's visit to the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital

in July, 1988:

Caring star Michael Jackson wiped away the tears of some of Britain’s most tragic youngsters yesterday and replaced them with smiles of joy. He was determined to meet the patients of the Famous Great Ormond Street Hospital during his appearances in London.And he reserved some of the most touching words of comfort for cruelly deformed youngster waiting for plastic surgery. Michael grabs one of the girls’ hand as she told him tearfully of her fears about a face op. Michael squeezed her hand and assured her “You’ve no need to worry just look at me.”

Then he toured the rest of the ward tenderly kissing deformed babies on their feet. Michael ringed by five burly minders next went to the hospitals Peter Pan Ward, named after the character he hopes to play in a film. The ward is reserved for the Great Ormond Street Hospital’s sickest children but after a few minutes Michael had the youngsters aged 5 to 15 out of their beds.He even sat some on his knee and told them stories. Michael then beamed with joy as he handed out dozens of presents albums, photos and t- shirts.

He told staff he was inspired by the bravery of these sick children. Some of them are very ill but they still managed to put on a smile. On delighted youngster was 9yr old Neil Clark who had just undergone life saving surgery to remove a brain tumor, Neil whose case was highlighted on TV this week was not on the schedule to see the star but Michael threw aside his plans and insisted on seeing him. Neil said ‘Now Michael is now my hero, he is absolutely brilliant.” “I can’t thank Michael Jackson enough he has cheered my son up no end” Another fan a 4 yr old name only as Joanne could hardly speak after a throat op but she struggled and uttered the word “Thriller” to a delighted Jackson. But the 18 minute visit was almost too much for the 29 yr old star.

He left the hospital close to tears. One of the aides remarked “Michael was very moved.” Hospital ward sister Judith Melville said “Michael obviously loves children and they love him. He has given our patients a day they will always remember.


Everyone knows Michael Jackson’s song Gone too Soon which is dedicated to Ryan White. But I bet very few people know the story of friendship between Michael and Ryan.

Here it is, and I hope it will show to you, same as it did to me, what makes Michael Jackson really different from all of us around here – and not in the way the media implies it to be.

Imagine the 1980s. It was the time when everybody was panicky about AIDS as a new fatal and contagious disease and was highly on their guard with those who contracted it. People were afraid to sit next to AIDS victims and breathe the same air with them. And it was exactly at that time that Michael Jackson fearlessly invited the boy ill with AIDS to his home, dined with him and publicly embraced him inviting others not to be fearful of these people.

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